Becoming Ellie
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Ellie the greyhound knows that she is destined to be something special, she just has to work out what it is…

From the moment that Ellie is born her life seems set on a track that has been decided for her: greyhounds run. After a promising early start to her career, however, she is suddenly thrown into turmoil when a catastrophic accident leaves her badly injured. Without the Sandy Flats Racing Club, Ellie doesn’t know who she is. How will she ever find contentment without competition?

A celebration of the discovery of new identities, Becoming Ellie is gorgeously crafted in both word and image, and announces the arrival of an exciting new partnership in Australian picture books. It serves as a timely and beautiful reminder of one of life’s most important lessons: that happiness can be found in the simplest of places.

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Copyright Graeme Whittle and Lyndon Riggall 2019